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Hello, I am Cody Slivinski. After a career in the food and retail industry I decided it was time for a change. It was time to find something different that was ever evolving and ever the mental challenge. After deciding I needed a change and lots of looking into web development and software engineering the choice was easy.
I started my change at home learning what I could here and there on the web trying to develope my skills. It didnt take me long to find that I really enjoyed learning to code and it also didn't take me long to find the amount of information available was quite overwhelming. It was time to fully dive in. I looked around to try and find a school or a bootcamp that I could go to where my learning would be guided and I would have someone to there ask for assistance when needed. That's when I found Centriq.
I decided to quit my job and enroll in Centriqs full stack web development program in early April of 2023. It was time for me to devote myself to the change I was seeking. Here we are just a short month in and I find myself BUILDING a website about myself. Below you can keep up with my classmates and me on our journey to become developers and live the change we were all looking to make.

Software Engineer & Web Developer.

  • Linkedin:
  • Website:
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Age: 31
  • Eductaion: Centriq Training, and self taught
  • Freelance: Available

Kansas City local born in 1992. My developement career is young and a journey just beginning. I am available for work locally our globally if remote work is available. I have been trained through Centriq training and have done some self teaching and exploration of programing and web developement. I hope to continue to add to my knowledge and portfolio of projects as I progress through my journey.

Languages & Programs

Here is a list of accomplishment badges I've earned through Centriq Training.



Cody Slivinski

Innovative and deadline-driven software develeoper who is just starting out. Strong in the fundamentals of C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQl, .Net Core and many others.

  • Kansas City, Missouri


Centriq Training Full Stack Web Development


Centriq Training, Kansas City, Missouri

Centriq trainings Full Stack Web Development course dives deep into the fundamentals of front end, middle tier, and back end web development focusing on C#

Front End:

Skills in HTLM5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, CSS3, Responsive/Mobile Web Develpment, Bootstrap, ReactJS

Middle Tier:

C#, .NET Core MVC, LINQ, EF, Razor Pages

Back End:



Azure Data Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, SSMS, Git Bash

Professional Experience

Assistant Meat Manager

2020 - 2023

Hy-Vee, Liberty, Mo

  • Created and managed spread sheets for inventory control and logging employee hours
  • Managed inventory through Retail Product Management (RPM).
  • • Oversaw safety and health regulations both locally and federally to maintain a healthy and safe working environment
  • Developed action plans to increase sales and gross margin for quarterly inventories


2012 - 2020

Great Plains Cattle Company, Kansas City, Mo

  • Collaborated with other servers and bartenders on large parties to serve.
  • Used time management skills so that all steps of service were completed in a timely manner
  • Mastered customer service skills to ensure repeat customers
  • Communicated orders back and forth with customers to ensure satisfaction
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Here you will find a collection of the projects I have created. Each with a small description and a link to find it on my GitHub.

C# Dungeon Crawler Console App

React To-Do App using APIs

E-Commerce using .NET MVC Core

Scheduling App .NET MVC Core

Admin App using .NET MVC Core

Centriq Classmates

Below are the classmates I went through the Centriq program with. Check out their personal sites and projects that they have completed.